We are a leading renewable energy investor & developer in the UK, Europe and Vietnam

Our core mission is to be a global pathfinder in devising, implementing and spreading renewable energy solutions, including wind, tidal, & solar, to drive transformational change in the rate of adoption of renewable energy in the developing world.

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Developing Financing
Turning The World Green

Shire Oak International aims to provide a suite of development and financing solutions for renewable energy projects to bend the emissions curve in globally important energy markets. Innovative blended finance structures, which combine public and private funds, will be deployed.

Our project portfolio includes:
+ Wind – 967 MW
+ Tidal – 320 MW
+ Solar – 406 MW


Our business approach is characterized by the following aims

Acknowledge the need for a new business approach & way of thinking
Reconcile legitimate business interests with sustainable development
Accelerate the global transition to renewable energy
Help organizations achieve their sustainability targets
Support the preservation of our natural world

Why Choose Us?

As a global pioneer in renewable energy solutions, Shire Oak International is best placed to help your business make its solar energy transition

International Track Record

We have 18 years of proven experience across the globe, founding pioneering projects in the UK and Europe

Experienced Leadership Team

Our management boasts 5 nationalities with a combined more than 100 years of business experience

Established Investor Base

We have partnerships with investors across the globe, supporting our solid financial foundation


We use only Tier 1 solar panels sourced from manufacturers based in Europe, North America and Asia


We offer full operations and maintenance support over the lifetime of your solar system


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