We are a leading renewable energy investor & developer in the UK, Europe and Vietnam

Our core mision:


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Here we provide a brief history of the companies that led to the inception of Shire Oak International in 2017


Shire Oak International

Recognizing the need to stop coal in SE Asia, we found Shire Oak International Ltd with a focus on Vietnam & Iraq, later expanding our focus to Indonesia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Colombia.


Shire Oak sets up Tidal Lagoon Power

Tidal Lagoon Power dedicates Shire Oak’s solar revenues to pioneer the development of a first of a kind tidal lagoon to be situated in Swansea Bay, Wales, and identified a fleet of lagoons across the British Isles. 


Shire Oak Energy is founded

We sold Low Carbon to our investors. We developed 365MW of solar, including the largest solar farm in the UK to date, West Raynham (49.9MW) + largest solar farm in Wales, Rose Cottage Farm (29,8MW).


Low Carbon Group is formed (www.lowcarbon.com)

Low Carbon become the no.1 developer of solar in the UK. Low Carbon is now the renewable partner of Vitol Energy and has enabled the deployment of more than £500 million in capital into renewable infrastructure with more than 700MW already developed;


Low Carbon Investors

Using the proceeds from the sale of Wind Energy Ltd., we founded Low Carbon Investors. We were sponsor and fund manager of the very early-stage UK-based incubator, the Low Carbon Accelerator, the first Spanish solar fund – the Low Carbon Spanish Solar fund, and founder of Low Carbon Downing solar VCT for rooftop solar, the 1st UK solar rooftop investor.


Wind Energy Ltd.

We started life in 2002 as Wind Energy Ltd. and became the second biggest independent developer of wind farms in Scotland, later acquired by AES in 2006 with a portfolio of 967MW in development.


“We want to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy solutions including tidal, solar and wind energy.

In our international business, we are building a company whose purpose is to develop rooftop & field scale renewable energy projects for factories and corporations who want green power.

We focus on emerging economies that still have plans to build coal-fired power stations.

Our vision is to achieve all these ambitions with a team of brilliant, driven people who want to live a life of purpose.”

Why Choose Us?

As a global pioneer in renewable energy solutions, Shire Oak International is best placed to help your business make its solar energy transition

International Track Record

We have 19 years of proven experience across the globe, founding pioneering projects in the UK and Europe

Experienced Leadership Team

Our management boasts 5 nationalities with a combined more than 100 years of business experience

Established Investor Base

We have partnerships with investors across the globe, supporting our solid financial foundation


We use only Tier 1 solar panels sourced from manufacturers based in Europe, North America and Asia


We offer full operations and maintenance support over the lifetime of your solar system


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