Previous Experience

  • Developing renewable energy projects since 2008.
  • Between 2010-2012 built 25% of new solar capacity in the UK.
  • Designed and developed the UK's biggest solar farm at West Raynham.

Shire Oak solar farms in the UK


Please see below for detail on a selection of the UK developments

West Raynham solar


  West Raynham solar farm is one of the largest solar farms in the UK, with a size of 49.9MW, which will supply for 11 300 homes in average. It is built on an old airforce field. Together with the solar panels, wildflower meadow is planted inside the solar farm, in order to provide a more natural environment for the local communities. Further more, the solar farm will also sponsor an annual fund of £25,000 (approximately US$ 33,000) to build and maintain a new playground for the nearby communities. 

Lower End solar


  Good Energy’s Lower End solar farm in Wiltshire produces enough renewable electricity to power 1,200 homes. The ground has been sown with a diverse grass mix to allow the grazing of sheep, enhance biodiversity and provide valuable habitats for wildlife. Completed in June 2015, the 5.0MW site has an annual electricity output of 4,800MWh.


Westmill solar


The 50MW farm over 30 acres with over 20,000 polycrystalline PV panels generating 4,800MWhr/year – this is approximately equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 1,600 average homes and to prevent 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. It is the UK’s first and world’s largest cooperatively run, community-owned solar farm. 


North Rhins wind


 The North Rhins Wind Farm is an onshore wind development located across the summits of Craigenlee Fell to the north of Enoch in Dumfries and Galloway. Operational since December 2009, the site comprises eleven Vestas V80 turbines, each generating 2MW of power, giving a total capacity of 22MW.