Shire Oak International opened operations in East Africa in November 2018, with a primary focus on Uganda.

Uganda, a country of approximately 42 million people in East Africa’s lake region currently has a total installed capacity of 822 MW, mostly consisting of hydropower. Uganda’s GDP has been growing at an average of 6.5% of the past five years, resulting in an estimated 10% growth in electricity demand. Growth in demand, coupled with nearly 80% of the population, namely rural areas, still without electricity, means that Uganda represents a significant opportunity for the addition of new generating capacity. Straddling the equator, and with an average solar radiation is 5.1 kWh/m2/day, Uganda’s solar resources make it very attractive for fulfilling the need for new power generation with solar energy. 

Shire Oak International is currently in an exploratory and initial planning phase in Uganda, identifying a number of potential sites for the development of two large utility scale solar farms in the northeast of Uganda with the goal of bringing online  200MW to 500MW of new solar generation capacity. 

Similar power demands and GDP growth exist in the neighboring countries of Kenya and Rwanda, where Shire Oak International is also developing a pipeline of projects. In Rwanda, we’ve initially scoped three potential projects totaling 100MW. 

Shire Oak International's Uganda operations will serve as the region’s head office as we explore opportunities throughout East Africa.